Techy Thursdays: TextNow

Hello readers! I am currently working from home which is uncharted territory for a Grade 1 and 2 teacher.  Teachers were asked to call our students' families to check in before formal planning begins.  Like Purpose Driven Teaching, we no longer have our classroom phones.  Our school district sent out tips on how to hide… Continue reading Techy Thursdays: TextNow

Techy Thursdays: Duet Display

Advertising isn't a science.  It's persuasion.  And persuasion is an art  - William Bernbach Do you even blink twice at advertisements anymore?  I thought I was not susceptible to the technicolour world of flashy promises.  Then I saw the ad for Duet Display and my fingers just itched to press buy in the App Store.  It glimmered and… Continue reading Techy Thursdays: Duet Display

Caturday Books: Art Makes Us

There is no depth to education without art - Amiri Baraka         I am a self-proclaimed art nerd.  When beloved children's book author and illustrator, Phoebe Gilman came to our elementary school and told me she loved my drawing of The Gypsy Princess and autographed it, that was the moment that started… Continue reading Caturday Books: Art Makes Us

A Compilation of Contemplations

Happy lunar new year, friends of the the blogosphere!  I went ahead and gave Boldly in Colour a facelift.  For some time, I was on the fence about continuing with this blog. I was at a time in my life where I had my first experience being a landlord. How was I to know this person… Continue reading A Compilation of Contemplations

Step out of Curriculum and into Pedagogy

The sentiments of June tend to oscillate somewhere between bittersweet feelings and the anticipation of new adventures.  Where the average person sits down in December and reminisces about another year gone by, I sit down now and think about the growth the children have shared with me thus far. Which leads us to a story!  In… Continue reading Step out of Curriculum and into Pedagogy

Caturday Books: Paper Cut Planet

Happy Saturday!  This morning marks the launch of a new look for Boldly in Colour.  It is quite the explosion of imagery and really, not for the faint of heart. I would like to share a book that I've been using during the month of March called Paper Cut Planet by Kai Iwami.  Although I… Continue reading Caturday Books: Paper Cut Planet

Paris Is Always A Good Idea

I firmly believed this until I walked into line at the first security checkpoint at Paris-CDG, and we were told to vacate the area because of an unidentified piece of luggage.  This was two days after the bombing in Brussels.  So while some Vancouverites were counting down to Laduree's (famous bakery/teahouse in Paris) grand opening on Robson, Parisians had… Continue reading Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Shine and Reflect

I am so guilty of having the following post buried in my draft folder for a week now...  Here goes! After an art-themed Saturday of Etsy Vancouver, an unconventional art show at HotArt WetCity, and scoring three packs of Crayola Window Writers for less than a toonie each, I was ready for Monday. Apparently, Monday… Continue reading Shine and Reflect

Paint Chips and Living Boldly in Colour

Setting up the learning environment is probably one of my favourite parts of the September rush!  Instead of making the usual dash to the dollar store, I reused styrofoam trays and taped on paint chips that I had on hand.  If you're scarce on space, the trays are also stackable. Something I learned about paint… Continue reading Paint Chips and Living Boldly in Colour

How can you grow a flower?

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and eventually felt like a million bucks.   Before 8, I already had my pumpkin spiced latte on my desk (which contributed to a sugar crash after recess but hey, honesty), new laptop picked up, and the bulletin set up.   Productivity sounded something like Debussy calmly playing… Continue reading How can you grow a flower?